First Impression


TZ - Me on a demo flight in a brand new Cessna 208B (Sticker price US$2.8m)

Allow me to introduce myself… 
I am TZ. In a nutshell, I’m the guy proposing this idea called ‘think’. An entrepreneur, an architectural designer by training, a graphic designer by profession, an active private pilot, a motorcyclist and motorcycle safety advocate. 


Having a private pilot license offers a bird’s eye view of the world. The architecture degree encourages me to shape that world. Think big…one sketch or idea at a time. Having 25 years of graphic design experience fuels my desire and ability to understand the needs of people, even when they can’t quite express those needs in words for themselves. Designing has therefore built patience and has broadened my perspective with each and every problem that I’ve been hired to solve. My feeling is that solutions can only truly be better if their impact on people is better.

My yellow GSX-R 600

For me, motorcycling is (almost) as liberating as flying.  In many ways, the raw power and high stakes of riding a motorcycle is as addictive as the power of flight. Unlike design and other creative work, there is no undo button. It’s fun, but it is no joke. As a result, riding brings me down to earth. Fact is, I’m no better than anyone else whose blood bleeds red. It heightens the ability to think on one’s feet, routinely making crucial and even ‘life or death’ decisions with confidence.  Call it an equalizer. Rich guy or poor guy. Angel or thief. Novice or expert. No room for delusions. Survival requires you to open your eyes, be aware of your environment and see the world exactly as it is, in this moment. Once you’ve done this enough it changes the way you think.

The cherry on top of it all is something I don’t speak about much. Witnessing and learning from the deceptively simple process of moving from an idea to a creative project that sometimes becomes a pop culture hit. Collaborating, producing and recording projects with music industry greats…for years.


Entrepreneurship brings my life together.  Zawdie Business Ventures, Reggae Rocket, and Back to Basics are a few examples. The most recent venture – Back to Basics – has seen me applying my entrepreneurial skills to save lives, especially in rural and innercity communities in Jamaica.

Every problem is a solution waiting to happen.

Having never worked a 9 to 5 job, every day of my adult life has been about converting an idea into a reality. Consequently, there is no conventional addiction to ‘job security’ for me. The latest evolution in my life as an entrepreneur takes things a bit further. The look in the eyes of a motorcyclist whose life you have saved through knowledge…is absolutely priceless.

When we find money, purpose and passion in one mission, we are unbeatable. 

I’m loud, but asocial. Blessed with a strange ability to articulate connections between law, art, science, politics and life.  My brain enjoys spotting trends and accurately seeing the potential for innovation in the things around us that many others take for granted. That sometimes means seeing trends years ahead.

That’s basically me. TZ.